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Trinity Volunteering

Trinity Volunteering was initially established as the Trinity Volunteers Opportunities Forum (TVOF), and was launched on Friday 20th October 2008 by TCD Provost, Dr John Hegarty. This event marked the coming together of the four main voluntary groups in College - the Voluntary Tuition Programme, Student 2 Student, St Vincent DePaul and SUAS. The group expanded to include DU Amnesty, Cancer Soc, DU FLAC, M.O.V.E, Trinity Access Programmes (TAP). Trinity Volunteering remains a student initiave, working to promote the spirit of volunteerism across campus and to support current volunteering activities within Trinity. By developing a bond between volunteers, they hope to create a common-cause and a feeling of community.

Trinity Volunteering endeavours to raise support and awareness amongst both the local and business community and to provide a forum for the discussion of volunteer issues, sharing resources and information, as well as providing rapport between the different voluntary groups.





Last updated: Oct 28 2014.

TVOF Launch 2006

Trinity College Provost, Dr. John Hegarty, and Mary Davis, Chairperson of Active Citizenship Ireland, pictured at the launch of TVOF in 2008, with representatives of the participating student initiaves.